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domains for sale ads

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AmberSol has been used as holiday web booking and the website is also available for sale separately or as a package. The website is no longer active.

VillaBlog has applications as a domain in the area of comments on holiday makers experiences of villa holidays and also could become the main blog site for Aston Villa Football Club

WonderPosters is an ideal domain and name for a poster shop or an advertising company whose main business is outdoor advertising and posters.

CostaPools would be a good domain for a business building, installing or servicing pools in Costa Rica or the Costas of Spain

WonderVillas is an ideal domain and name for a villa rental company based or renting holiday properties anywhere in the world .


The domain list opposite is in a rough alphabetical order so please scroll down through the names which are varied but do have a large proportion of holiday & travel related Domains.

Please remember that a name that ends in .com is better than any other suffix and you should make sure that you secure this before going for any other domain suffix. A lot of internet users are so familiar with this extension that they believe that all websites end in .com

People will recognize a good domain name and you should aim at getting the right one. You will know what are the best names for your business. It should clearly reflect the business or the products that you are selling.

Domain Tip 1 : As your are probably going to spend a considerable part of your business life using your Domain, it is therefore important that you choose one that works for you and is able to drive traffic and business to your website. It should be as short as possiple with a maximum of 15 characters.

Domain Tip 2 : Your domain should be descriptive and give your website visitors an idea of what your business operation is or what product or service that you are selling.

Domain Tip 3 : As there are millions of domains registered each day it is very important that if you find the perfect domain name which is relevant to your business that you act very quickly. The faster the better.

Holiday home owners are constantly looking for new places to advertise their villas. having your own domain and web site is an option.

The domains listed here therefore offer a superb opportunity for those wanting to start their own holiday home rental site.

Suitable for an existing villa rental company, or for those just starting out, there is a good selection.

The key to being successful online and prospective villa rental clients, is having a name that is easy to remember and is relevant to what people are searching.

So when that consumer is online looking online for a villa rental, that he or she will be attracted to you web site by a good domain.

Remember its more than just a domain name, it is the your key to your web site and potential clients, When a good domain is taken it is gone! and usually forever so if you see one that suits you, grab it now!

EasyHiFi This is an excellent domain within the easy range of domains. It would suit a HiFi shop or a website giving help or tips on how to achieve quality sound without the complications that many encounter with wiring while setting up systems. Advice on selecting equipment could also be given under this domain.

LowCostBuild would be suitable for a building company or a trades distributer of associated products, a DIY chain or how to do it Magazine

AguaSun would be suitable for many water related activities in the sun. Eg sailing, surfing, water based holidays, and Jacuzzi companies

SwishVillas would be suitable for a many property related ventures from quality building to luxury holiday villa rentals

SunCosta could be used for a holiday based enterprise in the sun

SunCosta as above but

ScotSure would be suitable for a Scottish Insurance Company or a Scottish Delivery Company ensuring safe delivery. In addition in the American and Canadian Markets it could be useful in importing or exporting Scottish Products.

CasaBaba could cover many applications from a Spanish house name to a Company involved with import & export

WonderBoards is a good domain for many businesses who have board products for the building, construction and DIY trade. This domain will also have many uses in the Education and Toy trade where there are a lot of other board surfboards

VistaSure would suit a Holiday or Motoring Insurance Company. It could also be a uesful domain in connection with the Microsoft’s vista software and Computer Companies dealing with this product

VistaSafe could be a good domain for those Companies involved with the sale of products and services in connection with Alarms, Security or Microsoft’s vista software product.

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